Scientific Notation Calculator

Our Scientific Notation Calculator below has two parts: You can convert a large number to Scientific Notation and you can convert a Scientific Notation to a large number.

Number to Scientific Notation
Please enter a large number below to convert your large number to a Scientific Notation:


The default number of decimals is 3, but you can enter any number of decimals you want from 0 to 20.

Scientific Notation to Number
Here you can enter the Scientific Notation and our calculator will display the large number.



The Exponent can be any number from -289 to 289.

Why Scientific Notation?
When the answer from our exponent calculator, or any other calculator for that matter, is a really large number, the answer is often expressed as a Scientific Notation.

The reason for this is that the answer is so large that it can not fit on your computer screen or little calculator display. Whereas a shortened Scientific Notation will fit perfectly.

What is Scientific Notation?
A large number can be written as follows:

ln = c x bn
ln = Large number
c = Coefficient
b = 10
n = exponent

The large number is reduced to a fractional number multiplied by number 10 with a postitive or negative exponent.

Here is an example to illustrate:
= 1.234 x 1012
= 1.234e+12

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