What is 7 squared?

7 squared

What is 7 squared? What does 7 squared mean? What is the answer to 7 squared? Those are the questions we tackle here!

7 squared can be written as an exponentiation where the base is 7 and the exponent is 2, like this:


When the exponent is 2 (aka squared) and the base is 7, you simply multiply 7 by 7 to get the answer. Here is the math to illustrate:

7 squared
= 72
= 7 x 7
= 49

Therefore, the answer to "What is 7 squared?" is


For future reference, note that "squared" means that the exponent is 2 regardless of what the base is. Furthermore, when you get a problem like "What is 7 squared?", just picture a square where all the sides are 7. The area of the square is the same as 7 squared.

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