What is 45 cubed?

What is 45 cubed? What does 45 cubed mean? What is the answer to 45 cubed? Those are the questions we tackle here!

45 cubed can be written as an exponentiation, where the base is 45 and the exponent is 3, like this:


For future reference, note that cubed means that the exponent is 3, regardless of what the base is.

When the exponent is 3 (aka cubed) and the base is 45, you simply multiply 45 by 45 by 45 to get the answer. Here is the math to illustrate:

45 cubed
= 453
= 45 x 45 x 45
= 91,125

Therefore, the answer to "What is 45 cubed?" is as follows:


How to remember how to solve 45 cubed: When you get a problem like "What is 45 cubed?", just picture a box where all the sides are 45. The volume of the box is the same as 45 cubed.

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